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The Production Director at Lakeland Church oversees and manages all aspects of audiovisual production for our worship services and special events. This role is pivotal in producing excellent, engaging, distraction-free experiences at all Lakeland events. This role requires a strong understanding of audio, video, and lighting software and equipment with the ability to work collaboratively with worship teams and volunteers.


Technical Leadership: Provide technical expertise and leadership in audio, video, and lighting production for worship services and special events.

• Volunteer Recruitment and Training: Recruit, train, and schedule volunteers to assist with audio, video, and lighting during services and events.

Provide ongoing training and support to volunteers to enhance their skills.

• Worship Service Support: Collaborate with worship leaders to ensure all technical aspects of the service are executed excellently, including sound checks, lighting cues, and video presentations.

• Technical Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues that may arise during services or events, ensuring minimal disruption.

• Equipment Management: Maintain and operate all audiovisual equipment, ensuring it is in good working condition. Recommend equipment upgrades or replacements as needed.

• Media Production: Oversee the recording and editing of worship services and events for online streaming or distribution.

• Event Coordination: Collaborate with event organizers to plan and oversee any technical requirements for special events and productions the church hosts.

• Budget Management: Assist in developing and managing the production budget, ensuring responsible spending and resource allocation.

• Safety and Compliance: Ensure all technical equipment and setups comply with safety regulations and guidelines.

• Continuous Improvement: Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in audiovisual production, recommending improvements to enhance the worship experience.


• Demonstrates spiritual maturity and is a growing follower of Jesus Christ.

• Genuinely loves people and prioritizes developing and equipping them to succeed.

• Hosts a teachable spirit.

• Has empathy and active listening skills to build rapport with people.

• Can lead, contribute, and continue cultivating our team's “vibe” of fun and laughter while serving.

• Can diagnose and resolve technical issues quickly.

• Demonstrates initiative and has strong attention to detail.

• Can manage multiple priorities in a flexible environment to completion.

• Has a strong value of collaboration, both creatively and professionally.

• Has excellent chemistry with our Creative Arts Team

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