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Elder Nomination process

Our Elder “recognition” process: One of the most important decisions we make every two years
as a church is the “recognition” of those men who will serve as our Elders. Paul once said to the
Elders of the Church of Ephesus, “Keep watch over yourselves and over the flock over which the
Holy Spirit has appointed you as Elders” (Acts 20:28). From this text, we learn that the Holy
Spirit “appoints” Elders in local churches. Our job is to “recognize” that appointment. How do we do that?

Believing that those men God has called to be an Elder are already being used by God in the
MINISTRY of an Elder, every two years, we ask our entire Lakeland family two questions:
1) "Over the last two years, who are the men in whom you’ve witnessed the character of an Elder
as described in Titus 1:6-9 & 1 Timothy 3.1-7?”
2)"Over the last two years, who are the men God has used in your life in the ministry of an Elder,
strengthening your faith through their teaching and example?”

In January, our current Elder team received your nominations and have been at work, interviewing
candidates you nominated and moving towards making our recommendation to the church, which
we do today.

Below are the names of the 7 men we bring to our members. While we have no term limits for Elders, neither do we have tenure. Currently serving Elders must be reaffirmed each term. Each name includes a statement about what they dream of for the future of Lakeland. Please consider these men carefully as you prepare to vote at our next Congregational Meeting on June 11. Over the next 4 weeks, our current Elders can discuss these recommendations with anyone. May our Lord lead us clearly in this important decision!


Pastor Dan Weyerhaeuser and Elder Chair Dan Burg


Brad Anderson

In my dream for Lakeland, I envision the next generation joyfully ministering to the Gurnee community from our location at Hunt Club and Washington. While we may pray for the Lord to return soon, we must also labor to prepare the next generation to continue the work of the gospel should the Lord tarry. In my vision for Lakeland, we have been effective as elders and leaders in encouraging the next generation to love Jesus, nurturing authentic and spiritual worship, modeling what it looks like to love our neighbors with the love of Jesus, and letting the next generation lead us and teach us.

Dan Burg

My vision for Lakeland is that we fully live as the body of Christ, though made up of many diverse
members, who are gifted in various ways, yet function in love and unity so that the world may
know Jesus. I also desire to see the kingdom of God lived out in our daily lives through righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Finally, our community would be welcoming
and exciting to all who are seeking to know the one, true God.

Ken Cox.jpg

Ken Cox

My vision for Lakeland is a place where everyone experiences God’s grace.  Personal decisions
to follow Christ lead to discipleship among a community of fellow believers.  Every disciple grows in maturity and actively shares the truth and love of Christ with others.

Charlie Crowther

I dream of a fellowship that reaches out to our surrounding communities. A fellowship that is open
to all who are searching and leads those seekers to a full knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord
and savior. I dream of a vibrant fellowship actively participating in fulfilling Jesus’ commission in
whatever ministry with which the Lord blesses them. I dream of a fellowship where all come to
worship our Lord and are built up in body, soul and spirit. A fellowship where God truly lives.

Rich Magnini.jpeg

Rich Magnini

I dream of seeing an increase in young adults in their 20’s and 30’s attending Lakeland as part of
the congregation. The focus would be on regular attendance, stepping up to serve as gifted by the
Lord, and helped in setting Godly examples through wise counsel. I pray younger (Married) couples, especially new/newer moms, would become part of the increase. This would be achieved through young family peers, empty nesters, retirees, etc. All would work together to achieve the increase and advance the Kingdom.

Tre Moore

I dream of a unified church deeply devoted to Jesus and God’s Word. They are being transformed and they impact our community through sacrificial service, authentic relationships, and the power of the Spirit.

Tre Moore.jpeg

Tim Tarleton

Three years from now, I hope Lakeland continues to fully grow as a worship-filled community, fueled by vital and regular prayer, consumption of the Word, and fellowship. From this foundation God would be more clearly manifest among us, both inside and outside these walls, through sharing the Gospel, generosity, caring for the needy, gratitude, and abundant surplus of God’s love, even after sharing extensively with all those we meet, for us to cheerfully continue moving in this direction.


Dan W.

Because our Constitution stipulates that our Senior Pastor is a permanent member of our Elder Board, Dan is not included in the vote. But included here are his dreams for our church. I dream of a future that is an expansion of the good things we are today… a church in which people’s whole lives are captivated for Christ. I dream of a church alive to God, attached to one another, welcoming of all people, growing in faith and compassionate for our world, and moving out together into our community whith Christ’s heart to share Christ’s love and message with people. I dream of a steady flow of people discovering Jesus, learning to follow Him, growing to maturity, and leading others to maturity in Christ as well. Every meeting full of God; every person seen and seeing others, every gift engaged, every person in our community unable to miss or ignore our

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