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Grieving A Loss?

If you are reading this, please accept our condolences. We know how crushing the loss of someone you love can be and how your whole world can get turned upside down when you realize that person is no longer here. We are sorry for your pain. Can we be of help? There are two things we’d like to offer you today…


Service & Luncheon: Schedule permitting, we would be honored to provide a funeral service and a luncheon for your family and friends as a gift from our church. It is hard enough to negotiate all of the decisions of these days. If having these settled for you makes things easier, we will gladly do so.


Ongoing Grief: In the days following the service, we invite you to participate in a group called GriefShare. A GriefShare support group is a safe, welcoming place where people understand the difficult emotions of grief. Through this 13-week group, you’ll discover what to expect in the days ahead and what’s “normal” in grief. Since there are no neat, orderly stages of grief, you’ll learn helpful ways of coping with grief, in all its unpredictability—and gain solid support each step. Lakeland and other churches in the area offer GreifShare twice a year. Other than the cost of the book, this group is also free.



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